From the President . . . .

Once again, we look forward to our annual picnic, a time to sit, knit, and enjoy all the delicious food prepared by our members. We will also have a yarn swap, books, as well as circular needles and other notions for sale. For the yarn swap please put the items from your stash you no longer want in “ziplock” type of bag with your name. You can either sell your yarn or exchange it for another yarn for sale. This is a great way to reduce your stash of “what was I thinking when I bought that yarn”. The July picnic kicks off the second half of the year we can look forward to more wonderful speakers on tap for fall and winter.

© Cecelia Campochiaro

In September, we are planning a new KAL based on one of the stitch patterns from Sequence Knitting by Cecelia Campochiaro. The pattern “Colormill” is available on Ravelry. You can use the stitch pattern to create a scarf, shawl, hat or any other item. Smaller items work well as we get closer to the holiday season. My copy of the book will be available for members to peruse. It is such a wonderful source of inspiration.

See you on the 24th, and, as always,
As always, happy knitting, J. Evelyne Liebmann

Charity Knitting

Knitting is not a seasonal sport …
… so we would like you to ask you to continue knitting those warm, comfy clothes that we will send to babies, children, adults of all ages and both genders, who otherwise will be suffering as the cold winter comes. During the summer Kids Kloset, Hawkwing, and Metro Ministry, for example, can’t accept winter clothing because they do not have the space to store it – and nobody wants to take a woolly sweater home when it’s 90 degrees. But if you start now to knit, say, baby socks, hats, sweaters and/or mittens, it will be time to send them off in the fall.
Here’s another idea: if you find it difficult to work with wool, why not try knitting with cotton – make a little sweater for those cool summer evenings or a chemo cap.
There are always people in need, unfortunately. And, when someone asks what we need, it feels like an impossible question to answer. We need everything. Click here for inspiration. You will find a list of the organizations we send donations to, along with fiber requirements and what items they need.
Feel free to bring your project to the picnic and join others in knitting for charity – you will feel good doing so. We look forward to seeing the lovely things you make and thank you in advance.

Dorothy Freeman and Linda Cramer